Hello. My name is Denis Porfiryev and this is my personal web site. Nowadays, in the era of Facebook, there is no reason to keep such things working but it's been existing since 2004 (as justdanpo.narod.ru, justdanpo.cheb.ru) and it's still alive just by inertia.

My main nickname is den_po. I got a little bit of fame in 2006-2012 as a SonyEricsson firmware modder. Ah, nostalgia :-)

Another thing I modded publicly was Vivaldi browser in 2016-2021 (until developers updated WebPack and made it use very aggressive js code optimization). There are two related projects: Vivaldi hooks and Vivaldi patches. Both are on hold but who knows, may be one day I'll return to them. The latest Vivaldi version VivaldiHooks works with is 4.2.

As you might have guessed, one of things I like very much is reverse engineering — discovering how things work.

Once I joined Nokia I was impressed by Scala programming language. I'm still not familiar with all functional programming stuff but I've been moving towards it.

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Nokia, RnD Engineer, St.Petersburg.

Web-UI development (Scala, ScalaJS, React, Play framework, Slick, Akka)

Micro LTE/5G Evolved Packet Core development (C++20, SQLite3, OpenSSL, gSOAP)

FAM-Electric, Software Engineer, St.Petersburg.

Embedded software development, PLC and HMI programming.

Projects: massage couch, mobile racks control system, underwater spine traction system, steam/CO2 bath, alternating douche, paraffin heater, several different ovens, pH-meter, industrial shredder (C++, NEC/Renesas 78K0R, Texas Instruments MSP430, FreeRTOS, C#, Windows CE, FBD)

Omega, Software Engineer, St.Petersburg.

Embedded software development.

Projects: digital audio amplifier, wireless/network audio guide system, automotive vehicle bus IP repeater (C++, ARM7, lwIP).

Teleca (now HARMAN, a Samsung Company), Software Engineer, Cheboksary.

Development of applications in a Teleca PC Connectivity Suite project as a member of Team Applications (UI, connectivity layer; MSVC++2003).

Teleca PC Suite is a set of desktop applications allowing connection between a PC and a mobile phone: backup manager, sync manager, filemanager, SMS composer, application installer, etc. Branded versions were made for SonyEricsson, Motorola, HTC.

Kommunalnie tehnologii, System Administrator, Cheboksary.

PC service and support (about 70 PC's, peripherials), AD, LAN, PBX, 1C accounting/ERP.

Promtractor-Promlit, Instrumentation technician, Cheboksary.

Calibration and repairing of measuring devices and equipment, maintaining a remote control system and automated metering system.

Projects: orifice plate sizing calculator/database (Pascal), AMS report template script translator (Pascal), Web-service for accessing AMS data (PHP).

Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering, Engineer, Cheboksary, 4.75/5.

Control and Informatics in Technical Systems.

Russian: Native speaker
English: Intermediate